HELLO to all of this blog reader, as i get a request from this blog reader, Cangkunz who want celcom default browser trick/trick bumi, here i will post some trick that i know.biggrin

1. Just create new connection setting like this

Connection Name : Corby2geek
Username : celcom 3g prepaid..
Proxy address :
Port : 80

after finish press save and set this connection as your phone default internet.

Then open your phone DEFAULT BROWSER and type
this address at your browser URL colum (Not at search colum!!)

Now after loading is complete, enter the web address you want to surf
at URL box given.

Second trick

Just edit Celcom 3G WAP/Celcom WAP GPRS connection setting like this

Proxy address :
Port : 80

and save. Then set it as default internet setting.

After that open your PHONE DEFAULT BROWSER and typethis url at URL colum (not search colum!!) cgi-bin/
nph-proxy.cgi/0a/http/(Typewebsite address you want to surf like corby2geek

but if this trick not work, use unedit connection setting that have default proxy address and port setting from celcom.

Thanks for your support for this blog and always visit this blog to get updated trick okayybiggrin

credit to Janggutssss and uiwap memberwink

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Cangkunz on 08:53 AM, 10-Feb-12

thankz bro...

Corby2hack on 08:58 AM, 10-Feb-12

same same genk..jadik x?

☆dJz_admiN☆。 on 11:56 AM, 10-Feb-12

Nice...Jgn lupa follow ya..T.q biggrin

Cangkunz on 12:34 PM, 10-Feb-12

x jadi bro... Trik laen ada x..?

Corby2hack on 03:04 PM, 10-Feb-12

try trick yang baru aku postwink

Corby2hack on 03:10 PM, 10-Feb-12

thx bro ...dh followback dah

Igo Darwis on 12:19 PM, 22-Feb-12

sttg untuk sony ericson, ada tak ?
Pls respon to mwb

Labu on 02:21 PM, 09-Mar-12

Tak menjadi pulak..

Corby2hack on 03:11 AM, 11-Mar-12


memang sebab trick ni dah kene block..pakai trick yang baru tu ok

Minato on 01:21 AM, 02-Apr-12

redfacesmemangnya yang terbaik !

mdj31 on 01:20 AM, 24-Apr-12

nyimak gan

syamir galaxy y on 06:20 AM, 26-Apr-12

ade x trick yg latest? yg brkesan? please tlg

sylveron on 02:37 PM, 10-May-12

jdi kha nie trick

sylveron on 01:43 AM, 11-May-12

napa sa gna hp sa x blh gak gna

DeNNx on 02:46 AM, 16-May-12

Minato : Hp kmu jnis apa?..

v7kids on 04:20 PM, 02-Jun-12

Trick Yang Baru Tu Yang Mama Ek ??
Emmm... Boleh Tolong Share Postng Server@Proxy Server Yang Mana Boleh Guna Dan Laju "SELAIN" @||@[/]

ShazWaN_Azmi on 01:23 AM, 05-Jun-12

xboleh bro

MobileTrick on 02:22 PM, 08-Jun-12

nice trick..

KerabuSarang on 10:30 PM, 29-Jul-12

ad trick lain x?x jd la trick ni

BUNGKAR on 06:22 AM, 13-Aug-12

bro trick celcom yg trbaru dan laju ad x. . .

budak on 02:26 PM, 07-Sep-12

trick untuk samsung champ ada ka?

Mr.Mizz on 01:26 PM, 29-Jan-13

tak mkan kredit ke ? kalau krdt tmat tempoh ttp boleh on9?

apk on 06:22 AM, 07-Mar-13

ada x trik lain utk android phone yg x mkn krdt. tq

RaphX123 on 12:30 AM, 05-May-13

visit my blog

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