Samsung Corby 2 Android Mod Theme

Hi, want to make your Corby 2 look like android ? then just do this

1.Download MUI Clock Widget

2.Download Google Search Android Widget

3.Download Droid1 theme

4.Rename to droid1.smt, and to googlesearch.wgt and muiclock.wgt

5.Send all of this file to corby 2.

6.Open My Files > Themes > and click droid1.smt and set it as theme, click googlesearch.wgt and muiclock.wgt to install.

7.Go to home and select two widget that you has install before this.

Viola, now your corby 2 is look like android!! TK and enjoy biggrin

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13 responses to "Samsung Corby 2 Android Mod Theme"

arieftewe on 06:11 PM, 22-Jan-12

Pake kode html gan bs d clik. D blog q ada contohna. Salam knal gan.

C2hack on 05:26 AM, 24-Jan-12

Terima kasih atas tunjuk ajarnya yawink slm perkenalan..

arieftewe on 06:39 AM, 24-Jan-12

Thank dh brkunjung blik.

C2hack on 09:22 PM, 24-Jan-12


Cgihunter on 04:29 AM, 21-Feb-12

Gan tolong cri setting operamini utk android or xperia.ok tq

Imam on 03:42 AM, 18-May-12

Gan, udah aQ cb, tp g bsa.

Nackield mam's on 03:47 AM, 18-May-12

Gan, gmana cranya bwat aplikasi jd menu uTama di corby, tolong gan.

arip. on 09:56 PM, 15-Jun-12

nk tnye lg p500 cm mane nk wat operamini hendler ea.da cube xley laa.

iqBaL bLoG BaYu Musik on 12:04 AM, 22-Oct-12

Follow Me biggrin

2and1 on 06:15 PM, 04-Jul-13

macam mana nak dowload wechat kat ssung corby 2 ni boleh tolong tak

NuestReyn on 07:28 AM, 20-Mar-14

.dah bUat puWn tpi x jdI gk.bTul ke cara ney bLeh.

Ditunggu Kunbalnya on 06:45 AM, 27-Apr-14

thats ok.. kunjungan balik.a d.tnggu

anang lufianto on 12:36 AM, 07-Apr-15


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